In the winter there is less light – less time in the day, less time outdoors. Cave time is here! Here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Get as much light as possible – outdoors when you can
  2. Vitamin D – sunshine vitamin
  3. Vitamin C – especially in case of less fresh (uncooked) fruit and vegetable

It’s time for recuperation. It’s the natural point to take out to heal.

Qualities of Winter

Cold: brings stagnancy. It can chill the digestion, making it sluggish, It can slow the circulation and stiffen the joints.

Wet: can cause tissues to become boggy and overloaded – think of chesty problems or snotty colds.

Dry: depending on your climate and time of life, winter can also bring dryness. Think of central heating and irritating coughs for example.

Hot: too much heat makes hot types irritable!

And since it is cave time, there’s nothing nicer than some handmade festive gifts for your friends and family. Why not try this easy apple and cinnamon liqueur while you still have time before the holidays?

Apple & Cinnamon Liqueur

  1. Roughly chop 3 organic apples including the core and put in a large kilner jar.
  2. Add 1/3 jar full of muscovado sugar
  3. Pour over a bottle of vodka
  4. Add 3 large cinnamon sticks
  5. Stir daily for 2 weeks then strain and bottle.

OR if it’s for yourself, leave the apples and cinnamon in the mixture for as long as you can so the flavours develop.

Stay warm!