What type are you?

Knowing your constitutional type is the key to understanding why some situations affect you but not others, why some seasons are more difficult for you, and the ways in which your body is likely to get ill. Knowing how you tick means you can be prepared for challenges before they cause you any real problems.

So what type are you? One of the key differences is whether you are a hot or a cold type.

If you are a hot type you are likely to:

  • get inflammatory health issues (anything that ends in an -itis) like gastritis, arthritis, tonsilitis.
  • your digestion is likely to be quick (sometimes too quick) and you may have an urgent need to go to the loo sometimes. Spicey food may give you heartburn.
  • you’re not likely to like getting very hot – in fact, it will probably make you irritable.

If you are a cold type you are likely to:

  • have poor circulation and always have more layers on than everyone else
  • struggle to digest cold food – which repeats on you all-day
  • love to bask in the sun – in fact it may be the only time you really feel warm!

Do any of these patterns sound like you?