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P.S. Are you a busy woman who does too much? If you feel stressed all the time but don’t know how to stop read on below, I might be able to help.


If you are then I feel your pain – because I used to be that way too. Now I help women just like you every day, In fact there are so many of you that I’ve decided to start talking about it to more of you – because now I know that  it doesn’t have to be that way! 

I created the Nurtured by Nature Community for women just like you so that I can teach you:

  • How to stop without your world falling apart
  • Why you feel tired all the time and what to do about it
  • How to work with your body rhythms not against them by turning to nature and the seasons
  • How to detox your life, your bathroom cabinet and your cleaning cupboard in an effortlessly ecological way
  • How to use herbs everyday in your home to keep yourself and your loved ones vital and healthy  

Doors only open to the public a few times a year and we always kick off with a week of FREE training. Next time will be in time to help you step into the new Spring season with ease. It’s your chance to find out whether our community, and my teaching is a good fit  for you. PLUS you’ll walk away from that week with easy to implement steps to start reducing your stress levels and claiming back some of that mojo you’ve been missing!

Just click below to be added to the waitlist and you’ll be first to know next time we’re opening the community doors!

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