Now is the time to start a gentle spring cleanse as the ambient temperature rises and the spring energy is bursting forth. Harness this energy to get your body back into shape after the long winter.

It’s important to understand that our bodies detox quite happily every single day (because if they didn’t you would be in hospital, very unwell!). So I’m not a fan of detox as such, but there are always steps we can take to support the process and thinking of it like a spring clean for the body is a good way forward.

So here is my gentle spring cleanse that I like to follow each year. No long list of special ingredients, no huge number of rules, just some simple steps that are easy to follow – even when life is very busy:

  1. Spend 5 mins of journalling in the morning
  2. Allow for a 10-hour eating window allowing your body a 14-hour fasting time
  3. Breaking your fast with hot water & lemon
  4. Soup for lunch
  5. Simple meal (no sauce, plenty of veg and protein) for dinner
  6. 2 litres of herb tea during the day including herbs like fennel, nettle, dandelion root, and leaf to support the detox processes
  7. Daily dry skin brushing and moisturising
  8. 2 castor oil packs during the week.
  9. Daily walk
  10. 5 mins of journalling to finish off the day

Now isn’t that easy, right?


Cleansing herbs

Most of the herbs that show themselves in early spring are useful to support the body in its cleansing processes. This includes wild garlic, nettles, and cleavers. Nettles are full of iron, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals and can also bind to uric acid crystals, getting them safely out of the body. Cleavers gets the lymph moving, helping to drain excess fluid and supporting the excretion of metabolites.

Both can be used as teas although cleavers is best left in water overnight and drunk cold in the morning. Nettles can be used in cooking whenever you would use spinach. Make sure to include these two powerful herbs every day during your spring cleanse process.