At last, Spring is here – but what does it mean for us and how can it affect our bodies?

More light! Longer days – time to emerge from the cave!

Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can

NOW is the time for a spring cleanse

Time to look to the year ahead as it unfolds and plan and ready your garden to receive your fertile ideas!


Spring is ruled by the element of Water. The spring rains come, the waters of the land thaw, and the Earth becomes boggy, muddy but full of life. The qualities that dominate change in spring. Here is how those qualities can affect you:

Cold: brings stagnancy. It comes and goes in waves. Take care it doesn’t penetrate your defences!

Wet: can cause tissues to become boggy and overloaded – think of chesty problems or snotty colds

Dry: There is not a lot of dryness around outside – but central heating can still aggravate coughs. This abates as the temperature rises.

Hot: this quality is increasing but won’t really be strong until summer. Remember to reduce your heating and take off a layer!


Herbs of Spring

The first greens to show themselves in Spring were prized by our ancestors because they brought much-needed fresh vitamins and minerals after months of eating winter stodge. The first one I love to see is wild garlic – delicious as pesto or added in place of domesticated garlic bulbs, the leaves of this pungent delight scatter the woodland at this time of year. Take care that every leaf you pick is wild garlic, and not young bluebell or Lily of the Valley leaves as they grow close together!

Make a simple pesto by blending together a mixture of half and half-wild garlic with either basil, spinach, or other leafy green, grated hard cheese, olive oil, and the juice of a lemon. Simply spoon over pasta and heat through for a delicious, vibrant green hit!