Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and it is just right that we make sure to take care of it as much as possible. With the changing seasons, it is understandable that we experience different skin conditions like dryness. The pandemic also made us wash our hands regularly and use a lot of hand sanitiser which may also affect our skin.

To give skin a chance to repair from all the hand washing, cover your hands in moisturiser before bed and then put on some gloves. Cotton would be best to allow the skin to breathe and keep the moisture in. If you don’t have any, use cotton socks! This is a familiar beauty tip for feet, but our hands need the extra attention now too. If you don’t have hand cream, any moisturiser will do. 

The skin’s microbiome is an important part of our natural defences so we need to take extra care of it. You can simply use oils from the kitchen – organic olive or sunflower oil massaged directly in can provide quick and valuable relief. If you want to add some anti-microbial protection, add lavender, rosemary, or thyme essential oils. Use only 3 drops of essential oil to 10mls of carrier oil as essential oils are strong and may irritate the skin. Mix in an egg cup and pour onto your hands, or scale up and make a larger amount. You can even decant your fragrant oil into a soap dispenser for ease. 

Coconut oil is wonderfully moisturising and melts with the heat of your skin. Because it is solid at room temperature it is also easy to carry with you. Make your own nourishing antimicrobial hand balm by melting your coconut oil in a pan, turning off the heat, and adding a mix of essential oils – lavender for healing, chamomile to soothe, and tea tree for antimicrobial action. Use only 3 drops of essential oil per 10mls of melted coconut oil. Mix and pour into a clean container to cool. An old moisturiser jar or lip balm jar works perfectly but even a clean jam jar will do. Use regularly to protect your hands.  

Nature provides us with many ways to take care not just our skin, but our whole body as well. If you want to know more about herbs and natural ways to take care of your body, visit my website to download your free guide to herbal teas, and follow me here for more weekly inspiration.