Skullcap herb – I love its pretty blue and white flowers and I use literally gallons of this herb in practice.

It is such a wonderful nervine for people who have been under stress for some time but, here is the secret power of this plant, it is particularly good for anyone who gets a bit hot-headed and irritable with the people that they love when they are feeling under pressure. This very specific quality to the plant has led to me giving it the nickname ‘keep the head” after a good Scottish phrase. Many patients remember it as that and will ask for more or less in their mix depending on how their week is going.

It is such a wonderful tonic for frayed nerves and can also be used (under supervision) with children who tend to rages where they are unable to express themselves clearly.

I take Skullcap myself in my daily herbal mix, being a hot constitutional type, and I find that I am much less likely to fly off the handle when the heat is on!

I adore the delicate blue-white blooms in the garden in midsummer – the mix of cornflower blue and white make this member of the mint family really stand out. It’s such a pleasure to work with to create beautiful, nourishing medicine.