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Nurtured By Nature

My very own online course community where you can study at your own pace!

We are revamping our offerings in Nurtured By Nature and are very excited to share them with you just as soon as we can!

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Not sure whether you want to learn about your body and herbs or have my one to one attention in clinic? Well now you can have both!

Lots of women have asked me for a hybrid between 1:1 health coaching, having bespoke herbal medicines from me AND learning about herbs and their bodies too.

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The Herbal Academy

I’m very lucky to have been invited to be one of the teachers at the prestigious Herbal Academy alongside some incredible herbalists.

Go here to browse their wonderful array of herbal courses from home herbal learning all the way to professional training. You’ll see me pop up in some modules and authoring some articles alongside my herbal colleagues.

Fancy a cuppa?

I’ve been the Twinings Herbal Expert since 2016.

Have a look at our Superblends and start improving your health with your next hot drink!


I really enjoy hearing about the herbs and the way I can incorporate them in my life. Love knowing about the various teas I can use.

I love the stories behind the remedies that we are learning. And being with a group of women who are all trying to live more seasonally is great too.

I’ve so enjoyed what I’ve learned so far! I’m listening to it all on replay again! So many useful hints and tips and Pamela’s enthusiasm shines through. 

I’ve so enjoyed the lessons and I’ve learned so much already. I have a clear plan on reducing my stress now and I’ve found out how to use a few herbs too. Can’t wait for more!

I had NO idea that my busy life was having such an impact on my health. And I didn’t think there was any possibility of changing it. I do now! 

In my 1:1 sessions with Pamela, we looked at helping my mindset and emotional wellbeing. It was not just about taking herbs – we looked at all aspects of my health.