About Pamela

Hello! I’m Pamela.

Welcome to my world of herbs! Being a medical herbalist informs everything I do whether that be supporting you in clinic, teaching you in class, writing articles you pick up in the media, or developing products that hit your supermarket shelves.

My favourite thing though, is to reconnect busy women with nature so they can live in tune with the seasons and experience less stress and better health. 

I started my career working in theatre, film and television production where I narrowly escaped a stress-fuelled burnout and vowed I’d never go to that place again. Of course, I nearly did but I’ve got a lot more tools in my box now and that helps me to pace my life and look after myself better. The narrow escape (and a number of co-incidences) led me to the doors of the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine where I studied a Batchelor of Science degree in Herbal Medicine and later became a Member of the National Institute of Herbal Medicine (MNIMH) www.nimh.org.uk. I’ve now been in practice since 2006.  

I believe that one size does not fit all and it is very important to involve each person in their journey to health so that they feel empowered and supported. I promote working in partnership with GPs and other healthcare providers. 

When I’m not in clinic, I write a lot for the media and I love to develop new herbal products. I’ve been the Twinings Herbal Expert since 2016 (Superblends are my babies!), in-house medical herbalist for pioneering sleep solutions at sofi.health and expert panel member for The Food People, Nexus PR and other leading herbal producers. You can read more about that at my Plant Potential website. 

I love to meet people so I get a real kick out of running workshops & classes, herb walks and talks all over the world.  As a story lover, I have a keen interest in ethnobotany and devote a lot of time to learning about the relationship with people and plants. Some of my favourite learning ventures have been in my native Scotland, Italy, Germany, Uganda and Bali.

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