There is that saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But as a herbalist, here’s my own version of how to improve your life with the use of herbs. 😊

Make your elevenses work for you! Instead of reaching for the same old tea or coffee try one of the herbal pick-me-ups on the market instead. With ingredients like guarana and ginseng known to improve energy levels, there are plenty of blends out there that can give you a bit of a lift without giving you the caffeine jitters. 

Worried about taste? Not a problem because companies like Twinings (who I advise) and others make sure that their blends taste delicious at the same time as delivering top-quality ingredients. There are tons to choose from in the tea aisle while you grab your groceries. My top tip is Twinings Focus Superblend which I helped to create!

Make your bedroom an oasis of calm. There is nothing more relaxing than a tranquil bedroom to retire to and studies show that your environment can impact your sleep. So, take some time today to clear the decks. Fresh bed linen plays a big part here and for an extra special treat spray floral waters on your pillow. Rose water and orange flower water are widely available in the supermarket these days – often in the World Foods aisle. Both of them are traditionally used to reduce anxiety and help relaxation, so pick your favourite, pour it into a pretty atomiser bottle and spray to your heart’s content. Then simply sink into bed like the goddess you are!  

Ditch the chemicals and give your whole house a boost of natural scent. Rather than perfuming your home with expensive chemical sprays, why not make your own natural room sprays? It’s really easy when you know-how. Best of all they’ll save you a small fortune! Just mix 100mls of water, 15mls of witch hazel (or vodka), and 20-30 drops in total of your chosen essential oils. Pour into a glass bottle a spray top (widely available online), shake well, and spray. My favourite pick-me-up is rosemary, peppermint, and lemongrass. My calming mix is geranium, neroli, and lavender. I also love the fresh mix of lemon, lemongrass, and peppermint. 

Trouble winding down? Often, it’s at night, when the house is quiet that the brain decides to worry about all the things that have happened in the day and all that is to come tomorrow. If that sounds familiar choose a calming, relaxing tea as your last drink at night to help your body prepare for sleep. There are lots of blends in the market with names like ‘Sleep’ and ‘Nighttime’ – experiment to see which one appeals to you. Key herbal ingredients to look for are chamomile, passionflower and valerian. All of these herbs have a long tradition of helping to relax and let you float off to sweet dreams when you drink them regularly as part of your bedtime routine.  

Make your own blissful bathroom products. Choose some pretty glass bottles, coloured glass ones that look stunning against a window. Fill them up with base soap, shampoo, or shower gel which is easily available online. Add your favourite scents by choosing some essential oils that hit the spot for you et voila! Your own bespoke bathroom range! Try rosemary in shampoo for brunettes or German chamomile for blondes. Citrus essential oils like orange, lemon, and lime are inexpensive to buy and make really zingy hand soap. With shower gel, you can create your own mint and tea tree refreshing blend, or go for jasmine and neroli for something a bit more seductive. 

Harness the power of herbs to clean and shine! We are starting to learn more and more about the toxic effects of some of the chemicals we use in our homes – so why not make nature work for you and create your own cleaning blends? You can do this easily by simply chopping up some herbs like peppermint, rosemary, and thyme and adding the peel of a lemon. Put the herbs in a jar and fill them with vinegar. Let it sit for two weeks, shaking regularly, and then the strain the liquid. This can be used mixed with equal parts of water in a spray bottle for cleaning your surfaces. The herbs are naturally antibacterial and peppermint keeps insects (particularly spiders) at bay!

Create your own beauty parlour – turn your bedtime routine into a real luxury treat with this decadent rose and geranium face cream. Simply choose an unperfumed moisturiser as a base – any high street brand will do or buy ready-made base creams which are easily available online. Per 100g base cream add 10 drops rose absolute, 5mls witch hazel (optional), 5mls wheatgerm oil, and 5 drops each of rose geranium, and lavender essential oils. Mix together in a bowl and spoon into a jar. This simple-to-make moisturiser now has all it needs to help nourish your skin, tighten your pores, and make you feel, and smell, a million dollars.  

See how many ways you can incorporate herbs into your life? Even doing one of these things will make you feel so much better and start you on the road to herbal discovery!